IdeaPaint's premium dry erase paint is the gold standard for durability and performance. It is available in White and Clear — allowing you to select the colour of your choice.

IdeaPaint Magnetic Primer is a breakthrough magnetic coating that is powerfully magnetic, versatile and perfect for commercial applications.

  • Delivers up to 2x the magnetic strength of other liquid products
  • Easy roller application
  • Smooth texture — no sanding required
  • Light gray color for easy top coat coverage

Also available is the PULL system which pairs our dry erase technology with powerful magnetic functionality.

The IdeaPaint Advantage

  • Isocyanate free
  • Virtually No Odor
  • Environmentally Responsible (Low <25 g/l VOC, LEED Compliant, UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified)
  • High performance, erases cleanly every time
  • Easy, single-coat installation
  • Cost effective
  • Warranty of up to a lifetime
  • Dedicated IdeaPaint support team
  • Proven with more than 150,000 installations at the world’s most innovative & successful companies

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Our wood veneer is the highest quality pre-finished, fire rated available. It is also the most technologically advanced, being 3 times thinner than all competitors, and the most environmentally friendly with 300% greater yield than all competitors. 

If you are interested in a product not currently listed on our website, please contact us.

Real Wood Veneer is the most cost-effective way to specify architectural grade wood. It’s Class-A fire rated (CAN ULC S102), pre-finished, applies directly to drywall and is available in all species, cuts and stains. 

Real Wood Veneer is the most economical way to get Architectural Grade wood veneer on a wall.

  • Class-A fire rated

  • Foil core:

    • Durability

    • Flexibility

    • Permeability

  • Available in 100+ AA Grade veneers

  • Custom stain to match any control sample

  • Available in Quarter Cut, Flat Cut, Rift Cut and Rotary Cut

  • Available in book match, slip match and end match

  • Can be blueprint matched on multiple products in the same space

  • Custom digital print options:

  • Logos and designs

  • Solid colors

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Ambienta uses a unique steel support system, enabling the incorporation of multiple panel finishes, dimensions and thicknesses all on the same wall, using the same hardware, and allows for each panel to be individually removed from the wall, resulting in a product that is unmatched in versatility and value.


  • Highest quality panels

  • Large range of panel materials (CompactWood, HPL, glass, akustik+, etc.)

  • Proprietary steel support system

  • Allows for panels to be individually removed

  • Steel components kept in stock, reducing installation time

  • The design of the system allows for the much of the weight of the panels to be transferred to the floor below, and the frame can be adjusted during installation to account for any imperfections in the wall behind

  • The panels can be pushed away from the wall, allowing for services to be run behind the panels

  • Multiple panel types, thicknesses and sizes can be incorporated on the same wall easily, using the same hardware for each panel

  • The system can be used on walls and ceilings

  • Ease of installation due to the frame system

  • Inherently low cost of ownership

    • Easy to maintain and renovate due removable panels

    • Tax benefits due to accelerated depreciation

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akustik+ is a high-performing, solid core acoustical solution, offering a wide range of perforation options, and an extensive range of finish options. It is available in panels, clouds and baffles that can be manufactured to custom dimensions.


  • Needs to perform well within the speaking range of humans: 250 Hz – 1300 Hz

  • Goal is to affect the reverberation time of sound within a room, i.e. how long it takes for the echo to disappear

    • deal reverberation time = .5 seconds

  • To achieve this:

    • Square footage of room = square footage of acoustical panels needed

  • Can be faced in real wood veneer, HPL, melamine, Compact

  • Multiple core materials available based upon fire code (non-fire rated, fire rated, noncombustible)

  • 65 perforation configurations available including: micro-perforated, holes, slots, custom designs

  • Available in panels, clouds, baffles and beams manufactured to customer’s dimensions

  • Planks available and stocked in 4 real wood veneer species (FC Walnut, FC Cherry, FC Maple and White Oak Rift Cut)- available to ship next day within North America

    • Planks attach to the wall using a simple, proprietary clip

  • Acoustic Art panels allow customers custom artwork to be perforated onto panel

  • Panels integrate perfectly with the AMBIENTA steel support system, allowing for ease of installation and optimal acoustical performance

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CompactWood is the most impact-resistant architectural grade wood solution available for both interior and exterior applications. The solid panels are manufactured from thermally fused materials that create a product that is UV, chemical and water resistant.


  • Solid phenolic core faced with real wood veneer thermally set to create a panel that is perfectly balanced, impact, water, UV and chemical resistant
  • Materials are pressed at 375 degrees and 1400 PSI for 90 minutes
  • Stocked in 18 real wood veneer species, but available in any veneer
  • Sheets sized 51”w x 120” long, grain runs in the long direction of the sheet
  • Available in ½” thickness (custom thicknesses available)
  • Class-A fire rated (CAN ULC S102)
  • Available with anti-bacterial coating, for use within medical facilities
  • Common uses:
    • High-impact wall panels
    • Table tops
    • Column surrounds
    • Exterior cladding
    • Elevator interiors
  • Full fabrication services available
  • Wall panels integrate perfectly with the AMBIENTA steel support system, for easy installation and easy maintenance

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